Globally, we know there are just too many cars on the road and the infrastructure that the current conventional transportation system isn't built for the future. We lead the way by delivering a solution that reduces the number of single-occupancy vehicles while focused on convenience, offering a lower cost, ensuring safety, and requirements to be environmentally sustainable.

Meet the SNAAP Team

Cal Chamberlain   Inventor/Founder/CEO

Cal Chamberlain

A career problem-solver driving innovation from the Apollo Project to manufacturing, telecommunications, and systems engineering as a value engineer, VP of R&D, CEO, and entrepreneur.

Andrew Cary   Founder/President

Andrew Cary

A 33+ year career marked by leadership and innovation in education at a global scale and expertise growing and funding young start-ups.

Christen Courville   COO

Christen Courville

Management consulting career-focused on public sector technology solutions and innovative product design.

D'Andrea Cary   Controller

D'Andrea Cary

D'Andrea has an extensive career working in the government

Bill Canon   Chief Engineer

Bill Canon
Chief Engineer

A professional engineer with expertise in transportation, solar, systems development, and electronics.

Akhil Rao   Chief of System Software Solutions

Akhil Rao
Chief of System Software Solutions

Akhil Rao has 15+ years in Architecture, Design, and Development of Information Technology Solutions. He was pivotal in establishing multiple, large-scale Enterprise, Web, and Cloud products, including the DoD Analytic Cloud & Framework. Akhil is passionate about "The 3 E's": Engineering, Entertainment, and Entrepreneurship.

Adarien Rao   Chief Business Development Officer

Adarien Rao
Chief Business Development Officer

Adarien, MBA, CISSP, has over 20 years in International Business Development and IT Innovation. Her passion keeps her focused on building Strategic Partnerships, Investment Opportunities, and bringing Software Products to market.

Advisors & Investors

SNAAP is looking for individuals and organizations interested in furthering the development of personal rapid transportation. While monetary funding is a go-to investment, individuals with expertise in engineering or software development can also become part of the SNAAP.